23 May 2011

Piece in Peace

Thanks for all the DoublePlusGood love!  It is a nice quilt and I'm very pleased with it.  Anyone looking to make something similar should read the Liberated Cross Block tutorial LollyQuiltz posted.  Most of my blocks were cut using the method she describes, I love the look of them.

My house is a wreck at the moment as I prepare to put almost everything in storage and hit the road.  I've rid myself of half my furniture and dissembled more.  Things are piled up everywhere waiting to be boxed or taken to the thrift store or plain ol' thrown out.  As such,  the only livable space in the house is the living room, which has my mattress on the floor (sold the bed frame, am using the bedroom to stash packed boxes) and the sewing table next to it.  I've been keeping the living room tidy and vaccuumed...a single room with no moving chaos...so that after I've packed up my assigned spot in the rest of the house for the day, I can retreat in peace and piece.

Having cut all the fabric into 3" wide (blue) or 2.5" wide (orange) strips--and random lengths--I was at first joining them as I went.  For example, making a patchwork strip of dark oranges 20" long to attach to a 20" side of a block.  I quickly grew frustrated with this method and so I sewed up all the pieces into hugely long snakes and have been much happier since.
Slowly but steadily my nine blocks are growing. 

I've got 5 blocks that are about 25" square. These four spread out on the bed should get that far soon and then I've got to figure out how thick that last round of fabric will need to be and what hue/value for each. Which means figuring out placement of the blocks.  Oh my.  I'm pretty sure that the final squaring up-- 33" square exactly--is going to be a feat of engineering.

But for now, I'm heading north to go fly fishing, or as I like to call it, river hiking.


  1. I'm glad you make a nice place to sew in the middle of moving chaos :) Have a great trip!

  2. LOVE love love this! Enjoy the fishing--my husband is wanting to take it up (fly), but we live in Dallas with no rivers. ;)

  3. Moving too? Man, you've got a lot going on. I hope you have a very relaxing trip. And wishing I was in Ontario this summer so we could have a beer together.

  4. I really like the larger pieced blocks. You're inspiring me!

  5. Rossie, I love the way your quilt turned out....the quilting is so great, as well.Love the word print! Thanks for mentioning that you used my tutorial. Coincidently, I have been featuring other Modern Cross quilts this week on my blog. Would you mind if I grabbed a photo of yours as well?


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